Into the beauties of the Veltrusy chateau park — a walk around the deer-park

Go to the closest surroundings of the chateau and discover the part of the landscape chateau park. This short walk will take you around the deer-park, where the romantic pavilions and the enchanting Mill brook are waiting for you.

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A walk around the deer-park is a short route suitable for those who do not want to get too far from the chateau, yet they would like to get to know the park.

From the main entrance gate at city of Veltrusy, where the café "Důlék" is located, you will take the tour around the deer-park to the Swiss Gamekeeper's Cabin. At hillock above the Mill brook, the Temple of Defenders of the Country and the friends of gardens and countryside rises, from which it is only a short distance to the Doric temple.

On the way, you will also meet Charlotte's chapel, Orangery, Richard van der Schott's memorial, and you'll also cross several bridges across the Mill brook.

Landscape park, which is a park with its own approach to the free landscape, was built by the third owner of the estate, Jan Rudolf Chotek. The first modifications were completed in 1790 and the park is one of the five oldest in the country. With its area of 298 hectares it is the largest in Bohemia. The landscape park has gradually transformed into an ornamental farm. It combines economic elements with those aesthetic. Next to each other you will see romantic pavilions and utility fields or pastures. Since 1802, the fallow-deer has also been spotted in the area.

The park is freely accessible from dawn to dusk.