Into the beauties of the Veltrusy chateau park — across the six bridges of Mill brook

The extensive landscape park, which surrounds the chateau, invites you for a walk. If you choose this medium-long route, you will discover its hidden locations where you are most likely the only visitor. A number of bridges and several park pavilions will make your way along the Mill brook.

A medium-long route begins at the main entrance gate at the café "Důlék", where you can step up at the beginning of your walk. On the way from the gate, you pass a deer-park, Charlotte's chapel, Orangery, and the statue of St. John of Nepomuk.

You will go to the chateau, where you can continue through the Axis alley, move in to the half of it and across the Vosoušský Bridge to get to the Circular alley. But before you reach it, try a bit behind the Vosoušský Bridge to find a path into the woods, and perhaps in the middle of it you will find one of the Roman gods.

At the end, follow the Platan meadow and several other bridges that complement the surrounding countryside with its colors and various formulas. You reach the end of the route, where the Doric temple and, above the Mill brook, the Temple of Defenders of the Country and the friends of gardens and countryside are waiting for you.

Landscape park, which is a park with its own approach to the free landscape, was built by the third owner of the estate, Jan Rudolf Chotek. The first modifications were completed in 1790 and the park is one of the five oldest in the country. With its area of 298 hectares it is the largest in Bohemia. The landscape park has gradually transformed into an ornamental farm. It combines economic elements with those aesthetic. Next to each other you will see romantic pavilions and utility fields or pastures. Since 1802, the fallow-deer has also been spotted in the area.

The park is freely accessible from dawn to dusk.